PMC 3.0 for BMW

At the beginning of September, BMW released PMC 3.0 was successfully put into operation. The reporting system has been reimplemented so that the project and target control reports as well as ad hoc evaluations are now calculated using a reporting algorithm. Users refer to the release as “the best PMC we’ve ever had.” By always calculating reports and evaluations from zero, the speed for calculating the reports along the project structures has “dramatically” increased. Online reporting capability without waiting times as well as reliability and consistency of the information calculated in PMC from the BEST system network mean that the control-relevant topics can be discussed and decided in meetings and panel appointments.
PMC 3.0 – For those who want more flexibility in control without sacrificing security.

BMW uses Top-Logic™Mobile

In February 2016 a mobile application extension for PMC was released at BMW. The analyses known from the online version are now available in a cockpit view. As PMC Mobile does not require any additional soft- or hardware it could be introduced within the standard period deployment process.

PMC Releases 2015

PMC as the reporting and governance cockpit is provided with extensive data by several source systems (master data, activities etc.)
The new functionalities ensure data consistency and help uncover inconsistencies in the system compound. Document export functionalities were adapted to the current Enterprise Rights Management policies.