Top-Logic™ for cooperation and start-ups – More partners wanted

The success of BOS co-founded start-up ASCon Systems ( shows that Top-Logic™ 6 provides a development platform that companies can use to provide innovative system solutions that can be integrated into open architectures in customer environments.
ASCon Systems’ program is to be THE Digital Twin Company. This includes the provision of a standard product as well as the offer to provide additional apps. ASCon Systems focuses its range of services on the production areas of the automotive and aviation industries.
BOS is looking for partners with expertise in product development, retail, service or public administration who want to write a success story comparable to ASCon Systems.
We offer development partnerships and participate in the establishment of start-ups.

ASCon Systems starts brilliantly into 2018

ASCon Systems, co-founded by BOS, announces several new project agreements with Audi, Airbus, Daimler and Yazaki at the beginning of the year. The aim here is always to demonstrate the performance of the real-time application of ASCon Systems based on Top-Logic™ in POCs with various scenarios in order to ultimately connect the planning and production world in real time using a Digital Twin.

Top-Logic™ 6-0-0 released

With the words “A quantum leap in the development of Top-Logic™”, the person responsible for product base development presents the introduction of the long-announced product update that is now available for use by BOS development and project partners.
The development of the new product version, in which BOS has invested several man-years, focused on the topics “better qualification of development partners”, “dynamic extension of the object model” and “standardized configuration functions”.
The new product version has already been made available to ASCon Systems, a cooperation partner of BOS, and has been used as the basis for the development of new applications for Audi, BMW AG and Volkswagen AG.

Business Operation Systems GmbH and Delta Management Beratung GmbH founding Startup ASCon Systems GmbH

ASCon means Advanced Shopfloor Control and connects the digital planning environment with the physical Shopfloor area. Top-Logic™ is the central Platform for the upcoming ASCon Product and is supplemented with Real-Time Bus Systems for assemble the Digital Twin.
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