intelligent Business Process Management Suite

Top-Logic’s newest version, with its proven business logic and intelligent technology, is the solution! Digitization gaps are closed quickly and successfully. Gartner defines enterprise operating systems as “intelligent Business Process Management Suites” (iBPMS).

intelligent Business Process Management Suite

Top-Logic’s model-centric architecture is ideally suited for intelligently modeling and orchestrating many applications using models. Configuration enables the creation of new applications without programming. Supported by graphical data and workflow modeling, report and interface designers, new, functional and immediately executable applications are created with minimal effort.

Enterprise Operating System
with integrated business and process logic

Top-Logic is the efficient and scalable no-code platform offered by Business Operation Systems. It combines state-of-the-art technology with an open application and development environment.

From the outset, consistently following an object-oriented approach, a total of 130 person-years were invested in the model-based development of Top-Logic.

The intelligent enterprise operating system with integrated business and process logic.

Top Logic™ – the automated app engine – generates applications without programming. So-called citizen developers can create or adapt applications at the model level.

The product owner thus becomes self-sufficient!

Shaping this paradigm shift is our mission, because with Top-Logic, the digitization of the actual software development process begins, leading to a specific enterprise operating system.

Top-Logic integrates and organizes
Persistent – versioning – historicizing

If several Top-Logic applications and third-party platforms are to communicate with each other in an organization, as well as share information and data, they can be organized through the specific One-Logic model. Top-Logic communicates via BUS interfaces, with which apps can publish or consume data and service information. These BUS interfaces are controlled by the application’s information distribution model. Via suitable configurations in the delivering and receiving application, distributed applications can be created, whereby the inter-app interface is realized purely declaratively via the information distribution models of the participating applications. Distributed data and their linked applications can be fully automated over their complete life cycle from planning, modeling and configuration to application generation and operation, as well as usage. Top-Logic supports the paradigm shift in the digitization of information technology – from automatic application creation to the highly automated orchestration of entire application landscapes.